Trenholm unaware of past UBCO record; Still passionate about the game

Former Kelowna collegiate scoring star now an assistant with KSS senior girls

Former Kelowna collegiate basketball star Mandy Trenholm had no idea she was in the record books at UBCO.
Maybe that’s because she was too busy.
Since finishing a five year collegiate career—first with the OUC Lakers, then at UBCO—Trenholm has completed her bachelor of education degree to go along with the bachelor of science she earned at UBCO.
With her playing career over she moved into coaching basketball, first at the elementary level and this year with the KSS senior girls team as an assistant coach.
And now she’s working as a teacher-on-call for the Central Okanagan School District as she looks to secure a full time teaching position.
So when graduating player Jenna Kantz (story, front) passed Trenholm’s all-time scoring mark in the women’s basketball program, it was news to her.
“I found out through the news that I did have that record,” said Trenholm with a laugh this week. “When I found out I was really honoured. I put a lot of hard work into the program so it was nice to hear. When I was playing I was really passionate about it so if I had a break I was in the gym shooting and practicing.”
Now 25, Trenholm remains passionate about the sport of basketball. As an assistant coach at KSS she is focussed on making today’s high school players aware of what opportunities are out there after high school.
“I find it very rewarding,” she said of coaching. “Some of the girls are really eager and want to take that next step so I tell them through my experience what it takes and I can give them advice if they need it.”
Coming out of the basketball hotbed of Salmon Arm, Trenholm joined what was then the OUC Lakers. The team would medal at the provincials each of the five years Trenholm played as the versatile 5-foot-9 player hit the court at every position.
“For me as a player each game was a challenge and I did as much as a I possibly could to make our team successful,” she said. “My overall goal was to help the team get to where we wanted to for that season.”
Trenholm also was in the unique position of playing through the transition from OUC to UBCO as she played her final two years for the UBCO Lakers, graduating the year before the sports teams at UBCO became known as the Heat.
“It was a pretty smooth transition,” she recalled. “It was nice because we got into a bigger community, we got a lot more funding where we were able to play some more exhibition games and there was a little more money to help us out as student athletes.”
Growing up in Salmon Arm with the Jewels basketball program, Trenholm knows what it takes to have a successful high school program.
Now as an assistant with KSS senior girls—ranked just outside of the top 10 in the provincial rankings—Trenholm is excited to be able to try and build a solid program in Kelowna.
“You have to have coaches at the lower levels that are doing the same things we are doing in senior ball so it’s not a big change when players get to senior,” she said, noting that her passion for the sport hasn’t changed from being a player to a coach. “I love basketball whether I’m playing or coaching. I’m very passionate about it. For me being a coach is about helping build players’ fundamentals and helping them move on to the next level if that’s what they want.”
The KSS senior girls are participating in the Okanagan Valley Championships this weekend in Salmon Arm.

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