Triathlon is a family affair for young siblings from Alberta

Running, swimming and biking are events for the Hoel family.

Running, swimming and biking are events for the Hoel family.

Janae, 12, along with 10-year-old Brock and seven-year-old Lincoln, competed at the 29th annual Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon on Saturday.

They raced in the Kids of Steel event, which featured athletes aged eight to 19.

Even though Lincoln was a year younger than the lowest listed age, he still managed to take 18th place. Janae crossed the line in 21st position and Brock earned an impressive second place finish.

Despite their young age, the Hoels are relatively experienced at competing in triathlons.

“This is our first time at this triathlon, but we’ve done lots (of others) before,” said Brock.

Brock began competing when he was six-years-old. His secret is a lot of training, especially in the water.

“I swim mostly. I’m on a swim club so that’s probably one of my strongest events,” said Brock.

Good genes may have played a part in the Hoels’ impressive results.

The kids’ dad, Rod Hoel, said that he is no stranger to running.

“I’ve done three marathons, but now I really like triathlons. (The kids) have inspired me,” said Rod.

Janae mentioned that her mother also plays a part in her and her siblings’ success.

“Our mom trains us. She coaches a swim club and a triathlon club in the summer,” said Janae.

The family from Three Hills usually enters competitions in Alberta, but, on this occasion, they were happy they decided to travel farther west.

Janae got the opportunity to meet one of her heroes while visiting Kelowna.

“I like Paula Findlay. I got her autograph yesterday,” said Janae.

It would be easy to assume that training for triathlons would fill up the Hoel schedule, however, the kids find time to play hockey as well.

Janae, Brock and Lincoln agree that if they can be athletes when they’re older, they’ll be satisfied.


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