Warriors embrace West Kelowna in team name

The Westside Warriors of the BCHL will now be known as the West Kelowna Warriors.

As a result of the enthusiasm for West Kelowna’s campaign to win the Kraft Hockeyville title, the local junior hockey team has opted for a name change that better reflects its home community.

Beginning this season, the Westside Warriors of the BCHL will now be known as the West Kelowna Warriors.

“After being involved in Hockeyville and seeing how powerful our community spirit is in West Kelowna, we, as the Warriors, realized just how important it is to be this community’s home team. And that got us to thinking that we’re one of the only sports teams in the entire country that doesn’t carry the official name of the town or community we represent,” said Andrew Deans, the Hockeyville campaign co-chair with  Adam Less and director of operations for the hockey club.

Deans added that Warriors owners Mark and Janelle Cheyne  were a driving force behind the community’s Hockeyville campaign this year and have always wanted their team to reflect the heart and soul of the community it plays for.

“We’re proud of our community and we want to show that to every other community we compete against. We want them to see us representing West Kelowna, not just a generic place called Westside. West Kelowna is our official home, we’re West Kelowna’s home team, so the name change only makes sense,” Deans said.

He added the name change has also been approved by the BCHL.

Meanwhile, the Hockeyville campaign has resulted in the contribution of 50 sets of youth hockey equipment to West Kelowna. The Kraft Hockeyville partners had worked with Canada News Wire to determine the best way to demonstrate their regret for the premature release of the Hockeyville contest winner prior to the official announcement. The outcome of that was the donation of 50 sets of new hockey equipment for kids to support West Kelowna youth programs, with 25 sets going directly to Westside Minor Hockey.

The equipment donation was arranged by Kraft Hockeyville and donated by CNW.



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