Photo of a Kelowna winery courtesy of Kelowna Capital News

The top 10 things to do when visiting Kelowna this summer

This list is your go-to for all fun and thrill seeking when you visit the cozy city of Kelowna

Breathtaking scenes, incredible wine, colourful beaches, and the great outdoors are some of the things that make Kelowna an attractive place for all tourists and visitors.

Whether you’re planning on visiting or thinking about if it’s worth it or not, have no fear because here are the top 10 things to do in Kelowna British Columbia:

1. Visit Myra Canyon

Doesn’t matter if you want to bike Kettle Valley trail around the canyons or just walk up and enjoy the landscape, the Myra canyons allows for both. A 40 minute drive from downtown Kelowna, the canyons are filled with wooden bridges, old tunnels, and a view that is a selling point alone. The canyons are free for walking and biking but there are bike rentals at the entrance of the trail for $39 half-day.

2. Indulge in a Wine Tour

Across Canada, Kelowna is home to, and renowned, for some of the most fresh and best tasting wines money can buy. Unfortunately, there are too many wineries for one tour but all of them offer a fun and unique experiences. Tours vary in price but usually start around $120.

3. Kangaroo Creek Farm

There are very few opportunities to see a live kangaroo outside of Australia. Fortunately for those visiting Kelowna, you absolutely can for cheap. Only 20 minutes by car from Kelowna’s downtown, the farm is also home to other animals such as peacocks, wallaby’s, parrots, and goats. Admission to the farm is $16 for adults, eight dollars for children, youth, and seniors, and free admissions kids under four.

4. Bathe in the sun at the beach

Kelowna houses a lot of beaches with many different activities to choose from. The hot sands beach has beach volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, and even a small water park for younger kids. If you decide to bring your fluffy friend, Ceder Creek Park has a dog beach. Best part is that the beaches are all free, just make sure to bring snacks and ice-cold drinks.

5. Mission Creek Regional Park

With 232 acres of parkland, the Mission Creek Regional Park has long and easy winding trails, picnic areas, a children’s fishing pond, a lots of green space to take pictures in. There is no cost of admission to enjoy the park.

6. Kasugai Gardens

Named after its sister city in Japan, the Kasugai Gardens is small, and quiet enough to step away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Opened in 1987, the gardens feature traditions elements found in Japanese gardens such as stone lanterns, pine trees, waterfalls and a pond stocked with Koi fish.

7. Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market

With various vendors offering food, drink and different groceries, the farmers’ and crafters’ market is the place to be in the summer. Australian meat pies, Ukrainian delicacies, skincare products, or even art pieces, everything and anything is being sold at the market. Events also happen like a mother’s day themed market, or everything garlic.

8. Kelowna Water Taxi and Cruises

If you enjoy being on the water then you definitely need to try one of the many cruise and water taxis services to explore the Okanagan Lake. Services run for an hour with possibility of going more with an extra charge.

9. Maeg’s BBQ Boats

Someone in Kelowna came up with the ingenious idea of combining a boat tour and a BBQ’s into an amazing combo you never knew about. With rates starting at $25 per person for 45 minutes, you and up to nine of your friends can enjoy a classic or luxury BBQ box on the water.

10. Scandia Golf & Games

Lastly, a classic activity in mini-golf and an arcade for all thrill seekers of all ages. The center has go-karts, batting cages, a shooting gallery and over 140 arcade games to choose from. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to enjoy an arcade as a kid, or turn back the clock to enjoy nostalgia as an adult, all is welcome here!