40 under 40: Alicia Meier

The Kelowna Chamber partners with BDO on the Top 40 Under 40

Born and raised in Kelowna to entrepreneurial parents, Alicia Meier learned hard work at an early age, assisting her parents with their businesses as an adolescent.

After high school, she worked for several years in the trades, becoming a 4th year apprentice electrician.

Alicia learned skills that would help her when the time came to start her own business. Another key to Alicia’s success was seven years managing a popular Kelowna consignment store.

She developed strong management and leadership skills in addition to a network of empowered women.The stage was set for Alicia’s big leap. Alicia founded Textile Apparel in 2019 in the heart of downtown Kelowna.

Its mission is to provide exceptional, sustainable, quality clothing without compromise. This means clothing that is made from organic, natural fibres by people who are treated fairly and ethically. Alicia’s inspiration is fueled by a desire to create substantial change and the vision of numerous female entrepreneurs who have come before her. Her impact is significant, and only just beginning as Textile Apparel grows.

Alicia has developed a strong, values-based leadership style based on an unlikely combination of experience. Through her work as an electrical apprentice, she learned strong project time management and most importantly, communication skills. Incredibly many of those leadership qualities – when combined with an attitude for customer service – developed Alicia into a dynamic retail manager. After seven years, it was time to take a leadership leap and develop her own store in her own leadership style. Taking earlier lessons with her, Alicia developed Textile Apparel as a values-based business, putting people (employees, customers and those who manufacture her products) and the planet (focusing on natural and organic fabrics) first. While it’s been hard work, Alicia consistently inspires positivity and passion in others while focusing on creating sustainable change in the retail market in Kelowna.

Alicia built Textile Apparel on the principle of advocating for social and environmental responsibility in the garment industry. Having been mentored by ambitious business women, Alicia knew that Kelowna was ready to share her vision. She is dedicated to educating the community about the benefits of natural, exploitation-free clothing and providing them accessible, beautiful alternatives to fast-fashion. Championing Canadian made clothing, Alicia believes shoppers are investing in the growth and health of their own community. Stocking exclusively clothing that reflects her values, Alicia and Textile Apparel are actively participating in a local and global shift in consumer culture.

The achievement that Alicia feels most proud of is having created a thriving bricks and mortar clothing store dedicated to fair-fashion. Two of the three years of Textile Apparel’s operation have been during the global COVID-19 pandemic, despite the immense challenges that has presented, perseverance and adaptation has allowed the business to continue to grow. Having simple, uncompromising values and immense gratitude, Alicia has established Textile Apparel as an industry change-maker.

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