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Kelowna brewery launches new beer for Indigenous Brew Day

Jackknife Brewing is launching the Celebrating Sisters Brew Campaign

A Kelowna brewery is doing its part to bring awareness to the missing and murdered Indigenous women of Canada.

Jackknife Brewing, a local beer and pizza joint, is launching the Celebrating Sisters Brew Campaign to raise funds for the cause.

Business partners Ian Middleton, Damien Moore, and Brad Tomlinson opened the brewery in March 2020 with the goal of creating a safe community space.

“We built this business on a foundation of inclusivity, so we wanted to go the extra distance and become a part of this campaign,” said Brad Tomlinson, self-proclaimed beer wizard at Jackknife Brewing.

The campaign will launch on March 28, to coincide with Indigenous Brew Day, which was started last year by Indigenous brewers Mark Solomon, Eric Saulis, and Seguin Sailor on the east coast.

This year, 40 other breweries across Canada and the United States will also be participating to bring awareness to diversity issues, prejudice towards Indigenous peoples, and the missing and murdered women.

Over the last year, the Jackknife crew has been collaborating with the Terbasket family from T Diamond Ranch, who are a part of the Syilx Okanagan Nation.

“We source our grains from local farms in B.C. and Alberta,” said Tomlinson.

“After we brew it here, they pick up the spent grain to feed to their cows and the other animals on T Diamond Ranch. It helps to keep our practice full circle and sustainable, and we’ve enjoyed building these relationships.”

The Terbaskets were invited in to help brew the first batch of ale that will be sold in the Celebrating Sisters Brew Campaign.

Now the ale, which was made from locally grown hops, will ferment in some red wine barrels from Arrowleaf Cellars.

Six different beers will be released over the course of the campaign to highlight different natural ingredients from the Okanagan Valley, such as spruce tip, juniper, soapberries, Labrador tea, cedar, and hemlock.

“We’re looking forward to having people in to taste each one,” said Tomlinson.

Once the batch has sold, a portion of the sales will be donated to the missing and murdered Indigenous women crisis.

Tomlinson said they are still in search of a local charity aligned with the cause to collaborate with for future fundraisers.

To follow along with the campaign, stay tuned to @JackknifeBrewing on Instagram.

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