UPDATED: Guide helps newcomers learn tips and tricks

Moving To Kelowna, BC – A No-Nonsense Guide covers the benefits and challenges of moving to Kelowna

Author Hugh Philip - Photo Contributed

Author Hugh Philip - Photo Contributed

UPDATED: Friday, May 26

Tim Young and Hugh Philip will be signing copies of their no nonsense guides Saturday, May 27 at Mosaic Books starting at 1 p.m.

Kelowna newcomers will find the latest novel by Tim Young and Hugh Philip beneficial when learning about their community.


There are pros and cons to living in any city, but it is rare to see the cons exposed. Moving To Kelowna, BC – A No-Nonsense Guide covers not only the benefits of moving to Kelowna, but also the challenges. We believe that being honestly informed before relocating will not only allow for a smooth transition, but will also produce happier, long-term citizens.

With the guide, newcomers will learn the answers to:

· Is it true that Kelowna has a Sunshine Tax?

· Will I be able to find a job?

· Will my family be safe?

· Is the weather really as good as they say?

· Give me a break, what are the challenges to living in Kelowna?

· Is there available and affordable daycare for my children?

· How does the rental market compare to other cities in Canada?

· Is Kelowna business friendly?

· What are the best things to do for fun in the area?

“There is no other single source of information that tackles all of these questions on the minds of potential newcomers,” said co-authors and long-time residents Tim Young and Hugh Philip.

In keeping with other socially responsible initiatives undertaken by the authors, they have given prominent exposure to the Central Okanagan Food Bank on the back cover of their book.

The pair will also be donating $2 for every purchase for the food bank.

This 217-page, 40-chapter print and ebook are now available through Mosaic Books, Tourism Kelowna Visitors Centre, and many local retail outlets for only $14.95. In addition, copies can be ordered here.

The authors are two enthusiastic but realistic residents who have enjoyed living in Kelowna for more than 25 years. They have raised their families in Kelowna, operated their businesses here, and plan to retire here.


Author Tim Young - Photo Contributed

Author Tim Young - Photo Contributed