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Okanagan Forest Task Force removed 100,000 pounds of garbage from backcountry

A look back at 2022
After OFTF attended and cleaned. (Kane Blake)

Contributed by Kane Blake.

The Okanagan Forest Task Force has had a busy 2022.

With roughly 100,000 pounds of garbage removed for the Okanagan backcountry, we also noted a still growing increase in squatter camps and illegal dump sites as we plan ahead for a busy 2023.

The documentary “what lies behind the trees” has been put on hold due to computer issues but will resume once we get a better computer.

We are beyond happy to announce this fall the donation of a tow truck and we have big plans for it starting in the spring to help rid the backcountry of heavy, hard-to-get items.

Our group has grown lots over the past couple years with currently 2.3k members.

–Kane Blake is president of the OFTF.