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Swans captured wintering in North Okanagan

Photographers get birds on camera and video

Trumpeter swans spotted across the Okanagan are creating some magical photos and videos.

Many of the large birds winter in the Okanagan, as they are well adapted for the cold with a dense layer of down feathers.

“They require open water for the night so Kalamalka and Okanagan lakes provide lots of areas to get out of the wind,” Vernon photographer John Gallant said. “During the day they go out in search of food and the old corn maze at O’Keefe Ranch provides some attraction.”

Gallant caught a trio of the swans, often referred to as winter swans and also mistaken for tundra swans, foraging at the historic site from St. Annes Road Jan. 5.

Norman Dick also caught some of the swans on camera, and video, in Chase.

“They would churn up the water to get at the salmon that died,” said the Sicamous resident, who captured the majestic birds in Tsútswecw Provincial Park.

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