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WATCH: Kelowna Fire Department teaching kids what to do when the smoke alarm goes off

The Fire Safety House teaches kids how to get out of a burning home

Students in Kelowna have been learning all about fire safety thanks to the Kelowna Fire Department.

Fire crews took the Fire Safety House over to South Rutland Elementary School on May 30 to simulate a safe escape from a house fire.

Fire and Life Safey Educator Candace Friesen explained what they teach kids at every school visit.

“When the alarm goes off, what do you do? You roll out of your bed, you stay low. You touch the door with the back of your hand see if it’s hot or not. If it’s hot you’ll go to your window,” Friesen said, noting the every room is required to have two exits, such as a door and a window. “If [the door] is not hot then you open it just slightly, peak out, see if there is smoke or flame. If there is close the door and then go to the window and yell for help. If not, then open the door and go low, crawl under the smoke and go to the nearest exit.”

Friesen said it’s important to get out quickly and not stop to look for belongings or pets.

Kids are also taught about a family meeting place, a spot outside and a safe distance from the house that everyone gathers at in the event of a fire.

“A lot of them when we come here don’t understand what a family meeting place is, they don’t have one at home. So, we recomend that they go home and talk to their families about creating a family meeting place outside of their home.”

Students also had a chance to hop inside a fire truck and ask questions of the firefighters in attendance.

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