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Kelowna Votes: Teresa Docksteader

Teresa Docksteader (ParentsVoice BC) is running for a seat on the Central Okanagan Board of Education.

The Capital News asked the Kelowna trustees candidates to answer a series of questions about issues facing the Okanagan School District.

Teresa Docksteader

Do you feel school board policies reflect the values of Central Okanagan communities?

Within the B.C. provincial education system there are four levels of decision making. Parents are not included in any of them. Every school in Kelowna has a different demographic and each school principal makes decisions based on their needs and values, parents should be involved in these decisions. Current policies cover a very broad spectrum but ignores the fact that parents are the best at knowing the values they want their children taught in school.

In what way, if any, are parents not given the opportunity to play a role in their child’s education?

Parents are the primary educator of their children. When new trends enter the education system, parents must be consulted and listened to. I have seen many programs over the past several years implemented – to then be pulled because they don’t work or have nothing to do with our children’s education. The needs of children and families must come first. Parents must be involved in these decisions.

What is the Central Okanagan School District doing well or not doing well to allow our students to become productive adults?

Central Okanagan School District must ensure every child, no matter where they live, has an equal right to education. Therefore, it’s important to identify children in our community that need some extra help. With the inflation continuing to rise, I’m concerned that some children may no longer be able to get to school or are hungry when they arrive.

What role should our education system play in supporting students facing gender identification issues?

Schools should foster an environment of respect for each other.

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