Alex Vissia (VISSIA) takes the Record City stage with her folk-rock jams Oct. 3. (Matt Krauss photo)

Alex Vissia (VISSIA) takes the Record City stage with her folk-rock jams Oct. 3. (Matt Krauss photo)

For the love of indie folk jams

For some, it’s all for a shot at fame and fortune

For some, it’s all for a shot at fame and fortune.

But for Alex Vissia (VISSIA), who hits the Record City stage Oct. 3, it’s all about the love of playing music.

“I think the physical aspect of playing music is the most enjoyable thing, and playing for people is a lot better than playing in your room,” Vissia said. “It’s really energizing to experience how people also experience your music.”

In support of her upcoming album Place Holder, which drops Nov. 10, Vissia is taking her love of playing on tour, with over 20 confirmed dates stretching across the province from B.C. to Quebec.

“You find yourself in new territory a lot and it pushes you outside your comfort zone,” Vissia said.

Vernon is one such new territory for Vissia to explore, and she’s looking forward to the opportunity to share her passion with a new audience.

“I’ve toured through B.C., but never Vernon,” Vissia said. “I’m kind of just trying to branch out more and expand my network.”

And Vernon came highly recommended by Vissia’s musician friends.

“I have a lot of friends who have toured through Vernon before and say it’s really cool. I’m really excited to go back (to B.C.). It should be a lot of fun.”

The Edmonton-based folk-rocker’s B.C. gigs come on the heels of a month-long Canada-wide tour throughout the month of November.

“This one is kind of nice because it’s not too long,” Vissia said of the tour’s B.C. leg. “The road life is very different than being at home for sure.”

But Vissia is looking forward to the cycle of hitting the road and touring, with a special interest in her Nov. 10 gig in Toronto, where Place Holder is officially launched, though she will have copies of the album available at shows prior to the Toronto stop.

Place Holder is an evolution of Vissia’s iconic warm sound, as evidenced by the album’s first single I Wanted and teaser EP You Should Be Sleeping.

“It’s where folk and rock meet in the middle. The record does have a lot of electric guitar and full band tracks. I think each song has it’s own persona. I just kind of stepped into new categories,” Vissia said of Place Holder, adding that some of her folk-rock jams take on a country sound.

And it’s an evolution that translates well to the stage.

“I think there’s a lot of energy for sure — I tend to get really absorbed in the performance,” Vissia said. “I have a really great time on stage.”

As a byproduct of extensive touring, Vissia feels her stage performance has taken on a new life.

“The more experience I have, the easier it is to keep that consistency,” Vissia said. “You have to be prepared for anything and do what you do, no matter what happens.”

With her indie-musician background and love of all things music, Vissia decided to take her musician career in another direction, and alongside the release of I Wanted and with the help of business partner Nich Davies, Vissia launched her new independent record label Hurry Hard Records.

“As an indie artist you’re already doing everything — it felt like a good idea to start it,” Vissia said of her new endeavor.

And it’s all with the intent of assisting and promoting Edmonton musicians.

“I’ve been doing this music project for five or six years and have formed some really good relationships through it,” Vissia said. “It’s really hard to do everything on your own as a musician, and I’m looking forward to showing what musicians in this area can do to Canada and the world.”

Place Holder is available for pre-sale online at, with a limited edition 180g gold vinyl available while supplies last.

SMG Endeavors presents VISSIA and Lili Starr — Tanya Lipscomb’s country persona, at Record City stage Oct. 3. Tickets are available for $10 in advance through or $15 at the door. Doors open at 7 p.m. and music starts by 8 p.m. All ages.