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‘People really want this game’: Kelowna boardgame gets full support and more

The new board game is set in a fantasy world where you will build a new town
(OOMM Games/Kickstarter)

A new board game is coming and Kelowna residents are stoked for it.

Brendan McCaskell and Nathan Lige are game designers at OOMM Games, which designs and produces board games. Their latest offering, which they put out onto Kickstarter on Tuesday (Oct. 5) is titled Mythwind.

Mythwind is an open-world game, where players can choose how they want the story to progress. The role-playing game has participants play as one of four characters, who each have a unique set of skills and characteristics that will benefit the group.

The players then build a town from the ground up in the fantasy world.

Lige said the unique feature of Mythwind is that players can save their progress, come back to the game and start where they left off in future sessions, which is generally more of a videogame feature.

The premise and its features seem to appeal to a wide variety of people because 30 minutes after launching, not only was the game fully funded on Kickstarter, it also gathered funds above and beyond its goal of $100,000.

“We feel very excited. We’re speechless,” Lige said.

“Being that this is my first time doing a Kickstarter campaign, it’s pretty astounding to have such a huge amount of support and obviously, with that comes a certain amount of pressure to make sure we do this well.”

That said, however, Lige said he appreciates that the stakes are higher because it will help keep the team sharp and push them to produce a high-quality game.

“It’s exciting to see that the premise of the game is resonating for so many people. It really confirms that there’s a hunger for a game like this,” he said.

Lige added the idea for a more relaxed board game came from McCaskell, who plays the videogame Stardew Valley, a farming simulation game.

“It’s meditative and relaxed and I think that’s where he got the idea. But people who like that experience aren’t really served within the board game space, that’s how Mythwind came about. I think he really hit the nail on the head with this idea.”

Lige said once production is complete and the game is ready to ship out, it will be available on their website by fall of 2022.

More information on Mythwind and ways to support it are available here.

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