Dwayne Johnson stars alongside some giant beasts in Rampage. (New Line Cinema)

Dwayne Johnson stars alongside some giant beasts in Rampage. (New Line Cinema)

Reel Reviews: Parlour games or video games

We say, “Rampage is silly fun and Truth or Dare is just silly”

A Primatologist, (Dwayne Johnson) a Geneticist (Naomie Harris) and a government agent (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) team up to stop a giant gorilla, alligator and flying wolf from destroying the city, on a Rampage.

After six friends played a game of Truth or Dare on their spring break trip to Mexico, little did they know that it would have deadly consequences when they returned home. Don’t tell the truth, don’t do the dare or refuse either and one by one they start getting bumped off by some unseen evil.

We say, “Rampage is silly fun and Truth or Dare is just silly”

TAYLOR: In Rampage, yet another action movie based on a video game starring giant creatures, I saw some bad CGI and heard a lot of dumb dialogue coming from cookie cutter characters. But aside from having no real reason to exist, the film didn’t annoy me in the slightest. Unfortunately, this also means I have nothing to say. I’ll make something up I guess. If you’re going to a movie starring Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, you know what you’re in for. I’m hoping Howe went to Truth or Dare, in the spirit of producing an interesting review.

HOWE: I was unlucky enough to go watch Blumhouse’ Truth or Dare, and right off the bat I am going to tell you this is one of this year’s most stupid films, maybe even in the last couple of years. Like most films of this sort, they are aimed at a certain age group, the younger teenager range. Every decade has them, I had the Freddy Nightmare on Elm Street collection, the 2000’s had Paranormal Activities, which was really awful, yet the film companies just keep giving us this type of trash. Truth or Dare, like its predecessors, will continue to run into sequels as the ending to this is left open for parts two, three, four and also a prequel. What a waste of time and good money, saying that I am not going to waste any more words on this piece of junk.

TAYLOR: You didn’t say why it was a piece of junk. I bet you missed a lot of the movie because you were cringing with your eyes closed. At least Rampage is not exploiting its audiences’ darker desires. In fact, I think if you had to choose between taking your children to Rampage or any of the other “kid friendly action movies” currently playing, take them to the former.

Howe gives Truth or Dare 0.5 useless piece of entertainment out of 5.

Taylor gives Rampage 2.5 torn up streets out of 5.

— Brian Taylor and Peter Howe are film reviewers based in Vernon.



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