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Vancouver musician brings positive vibes to downtown Kelowna

Bo Henrik and the Ice Cream Truck rolled into town on Friday evening

Straight from Vancouver, Bo Henrik and his musician friends drove to Kelowna to perform at City Park on Friday night, Aug. 28.

The group drove the “Ice Cream Truck” into town, an authentic - and still functioning - ice cream truck from the ’80s.

Henrik said because ice cream trucks have traditionally made people happy, they wanted to replicate that effect with their music.

So with a repainted and refurbished ice cream truck, Henrik and his friend play free by donation open-air concerts.

They started out in and around Vancouver, with Kelowna being the first out of town venue. Proceeds from each performance go to Covenant House, a charity that provides shelter to young people experiencing homelessness as well as those who may be at risk of homelessness.

Henrik said they sell ice cream, shirts and hats as well, with some of the proceeds also going to Covenant House.

For more information on Henrik’s music, visit his page.

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