Where to find the best ingredients for a vegan charcuterie board in the Okanagan

Where to find the best ingredients for a vegan charcuterie board in the Okanagan

It’s warming up, pair your summer whites with a vegan charcuterie creation

With more plant based items popping up on menus everywhere now, it seems that the vegans may be taking over. Have you tried this trend of animal friendly eating?

I stopped eating meat, with the exception of seafood three years ago and have limited my amount of dairy due to lactose intolerance. But let me tell you, I miss charcuterie boards. I am a wine fanatic but, I am not going to pair it with just a sad plain cracker and just my tears to give it some flavour.

Welcome to my discovery of vegan cheese and meat. Together we are going to build the charcuterie board of my dreams, and hopefully yours without harming any animals in the making. I went to the Kelowna Vegan Festival to find the best items to make the charcuterie board I have been missing all of these years and everything you can get right here in the Okanagan.

1. Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze

Varieties of ‘cheeze’ such as Vrie, Voursin, Veta, Vrie and Herbed Vozzarella you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious options.

24 hours left to get your Kokomo’s blacksheep vegan cheeze ordered.

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2. Pulse Kitchen, Penticton

They have it all when it comes to cashew cheese, from sharp cheddar to blue. This is a must for a cheese on the charcuterie board.

3. The Very Good Butchers, Victoria

Based out of Victoria the brand is looking to expand, in the meantime you can order online.

4.Vegilante, Kelowna

Tempeh with three different flavours made from Black bean, adzuki and chickpea instead of the traditional soy based as a protein on your plate.

5. Okanagan Rawsome

Raw, gluten-free and vegan crackers that were born from a hobby, turned into a company and belong on a vegan charcuterie board.

6. Grown Here Organic Farms

Makes a Habanero Pepper Jelly that will blend perfectly with vegan cheese and crackers.

7.Bee Love Vegan Honey

Made from pure apple juice, organic agave, cane sugar and natural flavours it will make a great drizzle on the blue cheese

8. Neon Wolfe Creations

To finish it all off, a little bit of tortellini that is gluten-free, organic and vegan, making every morsel even more delicious to end a day of wine, charcuterie and cheese.

Are there favourites of yours that I have left out? Let me know what you have created on your vegan charcuterie board.

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