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Letter: BC United plan fails to address root causes of decline in public safety

Party chooses punishment, more violence as a solution
BC United leader Kevin Falcon, accompanied by Shuswap MLA Greg Kyllo, purchases a cowboy hat while touring the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong Friday, Sept. 1, 2023. (Brendan Shykora - Morning Star)

Dear Mr. Greg Kyllo,

The BC United Caucus is completely ignoring all the causes of violence and drug addiction, choosing punishment and more violence as a solution.

Poverty, lack of housing, lack of work, intergenerational violence and trauma are all major contributors, and punishment won’t solve any of them. While “reintegration” into society is given a nod, there’s nothing in the plan to actually solve these issues. If your caucus is actually going to unite B.C., perhaps compassion and a wider and more constructive view of social issues and the community predictors of health would be useful.

Nowhere in your proposed plan is there anything that addresses the root causes of the decline in public safety. Is that because your caucus lacks the courage to address social and economic inequity? Or is it simply that sowing fear and division is an easier path to whipping up support?

As a public servant, your job should be to do the best thing for everyone, not only the wealthy, and to create a better, more just and healthy society, not one based on fear and mistrust.

Rebecca Kneen

Sorrento, B.C.
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