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Central Okanagan Search and Rescue called out 4 times in 72 hours

Volunteers want the public to know it is free for COSAR to attend a rescue
COSAR sees an increase in calls for assistance in the spring. (COSAR)

Volunteers with Central Okanagan Search and Rescue have been kept on their toes over the last 72 hours after responding to four separate incidents.

On Sunday, COSAR was called out twice within minutes to assist with two different rescues.

The first call was an injured snowmobiler on Moore Mountain in the Greystokes area. COSAR dispatched a helicopter medical team to treat and rescue the sledder.

Just minutes after receiving the call for the injured sledder, COSAR received another request for service this time by BCEHS in retrieving an injured ATV rider in the Postil Lake area. However, as 10 members were on their way to the location BCEHS reported its emergency crews were able to retrieve the rider themselves.

Then on Monday night, COSAR was called by West Kelowna RCMP to assist a stranded motorist who had rented an Escalade, and driven out on Esperon Forest Service Road only to get stuck near Bear Lake. Once again as members were responding they were stood down as the driver managed to call a tow truck to assist.

Early Tuesday morning, COSAR was once again called on by RCMP to assist another stranded motorist who had gotten stuck on Oyama Lake Forest Service Road. Eight COSAR members responded and the driver was brought out.

COSAR tends to see an increase in calls for service during the spring according to search manager Mike Day.

“Even though the weather and roads are clear on the valley bottom, most of the forest service roads in the higher elevations still have enough snow on them to make travel difficult. Please make sure you are prepared in case you run into problems,” he warned drivers.

Day also wants the public to know it is free for COSAR to attend a rescue.

“Call 911 for assistance and search and rescue teams will come and get you,” Day said.

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