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Coast Guard on the case: Multiple sinking boats on Okanagan Lake

Contact the Canadian Coast Guard to report sinking or abandoned watercraft

Frigid conditions and improper storage have resulted in the destruction of numerous boats on Okanagan Lake.

Standing on the shores of Manhattan Drive in Kelowna, three sailboats were visible at various stages of sinking into the lake. After contacting the City of Kelowna, RCMP and the Regional District of the Central Okanagan, it was determined that the Coast Guard is responsible for unoccupied boats in bodies of water.

In Canada, the Coast Guard manages the removal of abandoned or damaged boats. A report has been made about the sinking vessels but a timeline for the boat’s removal is unknown.

Comments on social media indicate that the boats have been moored at Manhattan Point for quite some time. People have also noted that other boats are already completely submerged and are not visible from the shore.

The public is asked not to touch the boats unless they are the owner.

This isn’t the first time boats have been discovered sinking or dilapidated and abandoned on Okanagan Lake off the shores of Manhattan Point. January appears to be the time of year when vessels moored on the lake see their demise. Often sinking boats prompt calls to emergency crews, who always respond in case there is someone on board the vessel.

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The Coast Guard would like to inform the public that to report a sinking boat, you can either phone 1-800-889-8852 and provide details verbally or fill out an online template and submit the report with photos.

If any active pollution is observed, or any vessel is observed sinking, please phone the Coast Guard immediately.

For more information visit

At least three boats are sinking into the icy waters off of Manhattan Point in Kelowna. (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

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