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Aurabi Boomerang Ball Reviews - Flying, Glowing Drone Orb with Fun Games?

You desire family time, but you’re left guessing what will interest everyone. Try out the Aurabi Boomerang Ball; children and adults will love it.

You desire family time, but you’re left guessing what will interest everyone. Try out the Aurabi Boomerang Ball; children and adults will love it.

Most young people today spend hours attached to their cell phones, iPads, and gaming consoles. They consider such to be the only forms of entertainment available. However, children will be overjoyed to learn that there is now an additional activity that is enjoyable and thrilling to partake in.

Young and old alike will find the Aurabi Boomerang Ball quite fascinating. The Aurabi Boomerang Ball will alter your perspective, though. Flying balls were unheard of until a few months ago, and few people could even envision having pleasure with one.


The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is a rechargeable flying ball. The ball boomerangs to you after floating, gliding, spinning, and climbing through the air. It has an awe-inspiring flying spinner movement (it can go over 100 feet high).

The Aurabi Ball is a little bigger than a baseball and weighs about 26g. It is designed with beautifully colored LED lights. The Aurabi Ball is strong and durable enough for everyday use.


Its size and shape are ideal for effortless catching and tossing since it is just 26g in weight.

Other benefits are:

How it works

First, turn on the power button, then keep the “UP” mark upward as you enjoy the ball’s various flight positions.

To experience the boomerang fly, press and hold the fly ball upward while turning on the power button. Then, shake or pat it to get things going.

To experience a straight fly, you can bend it downward 30 degrees and toss the flying ball in a horizontal direction to start flying.

When floating, the ball can spin quite quickly while hovering in position. To feel the floating ball, you can place your palm underneath it and follow the rotating ball for as long as possible.

For you to start or stop playing with the ball, all you need to do is to shake the flying ball. You can use the Aurabi for roughly 10 minutes after a full charge.

Follow these suggestions to enjoy the Aurabi Boomerang Ball for a long time:

  • An irreplaceable battery is part of this product. It must not be disassembled or allowed to become wet.
  • Avoid charging the flying ball toy if it is really hot. Allow it to cool.
  • Avoid charging in conditions that are too hot or cold.

Items Included in the Ball Package

The following items are included in each Aurabi Boomerang Ball package:

  • Aurabi boomerang ball.
  • Magnet dome.
  • A charging cable.
  • An instruction book.


For safe family fun: The Aurabi Boomerang Ball has provided many families with tremendous physical activity in a safe and adorable environment. Siblings can bond and have fun together, and parents can play and have fun with their children. This ball has a ton of incredible features that are functional for everyone.

Great for Indoor & Outdoor Fun: The ball is used independently, or you can purchase additional flying balls for even more indoor & outdoor fun. This gadget prevents kids from using their phones or laptops while encouraging family exercise. It is ideal for travel and vacation because of its portability and lightweight; its tough exterior can survive any weather.

Durability and Maximum Functionality: Only quality materials are used in designing the Aurabi Boomerang Ball to ensure maximum functioning. It is durable enough for everyday use even though it is not invincible. A few bumps drop, and jolts won’t spoil the ball.

You will get a great sense of fun with the gorgeous LED lights that emanate from it. This flying ball’s high-tech characteristics assure you of durable performance.

Aurabi Ball is ideal for all ages: Playing with this light ball is enjoyable for both young and old. The Aurabi Boomerang Ball keeps your kids off electronic devices while encouraging physical exercise among people of all ages.



  • Not offered in supermarkets or physical stores.
  • Supply and the 50% off promotion have a time constraint.

Where Can I Buy an Aurabi Boomerang Ball?

No physical store or supermarket sells the Aurabi Boomerang Ball. The company’s official website was created to aid clients in avoiding inferior or phony goods sold as genuine articles and to offer quick and dependable online shopping for customers.

Buying from the official website ensures that you will receive the genuine, high-quality Aurabi Boomerang Ball, a 50% discount, no hidden fees, and a hassle-free money-back guarantee if dissatisfied with the purchase.

Return Policy

Shipping the product back to the company is the responsibility of the customer. If the company decides that the product has a shortcoming covered by this Warranty, they will pay for shipping the item back to you.

The 30-day return period begins the moment you receive your product. Unfortunately, the company cannot offer an exchange after more than 30 days have passed after the order’s delivery.

To qualify for a refund, you must make sure of the following:

  • The product must still be new, unaltered, and unmodified.
  • Products must be shipped in appropriate shipping containers and original packaging.
  • The address for the return facility that the customer service gave must be used to return the product.


You can be sure to enjoy the thrilling Aurabi Boomerang Ball with your friends and family. Purchase one now! You will never grow bored of it.