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Create effortless flow throughout your home with one simple design hack

Add intention and personality to your home decor!
Create a unique and aesthetically pleasing design flow in your own home.

Sometimes, the little details in life get overlooked, but it’s often those little details that leave a lasting impression. A great example of where the ‘little details’ can make a big impact is in interior design.

One of the best design ‘hacks’ when it comes to home design and décor is repetition, particularly in accent décor like rugs, pillows, and artwork. Adding little pops of similar colours throughout your home can create a subtle yet impactful flow.

“Repeating the colours in an area rug or accent chair through accent pillows or artwork throughout the room or even your home is a great way to effortlessly tie your décor together,”says Jenna Royce from Scan Designs. “If colour isn’t your thing, this can also be done with shapes, textures, or materials. Repetition will add intention and a flow throughout your home.”

Accent pieces are also a great way to inject individuality into your home in a natural and aesthetic way. If your favourite colours are bright and vibrant hues like yellows, oranges, and pinks, adding them through accent pillows, artwork, and throw rugs can be a great way to include them in your home décor without overwhelming your space.

To implement this design approach, try picking out a new decorative item that really speaks to you and carefully selecting other items to add to the room or throughout your home that complement the first piece. You can also use this technique with a decorative item you already own, like a favourite piece of artwork or an existing rug.

“What makes this approach so great is the simplicity of it. If you already have a painting that features a vase of yellow flowers, start collecting other accent pieces that have the same yellow hue of the flowers in the painting,” suggests Jenna. “Add a yellow throw pillow to your couch, pick out a carpet that has some yellow woven in, or swap your lamp’s beige shade for a yellow one instead. These changes are small, affordable, and highly effective in creating a more balanced and intentional feel to your home’s décor.”

For more design tips and inspiration visit Scan Designs in person at 1912 Spall Rd., unit 101 or online here and follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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