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Smile! Leading-edge denture clinic now serves Kelowna full-time

Family-run business saw a need and expanded their Okanagan service area
The team at Kasper Denture is proud to be able to serve the Okanagan, from Vernon to Kelowna with a satellite clinic in Winfield.

When Jason Kasper saw a need for greater denture care in Kelowna, and then saw the opportunity to purchase a practice from a retiring denturist there, he took it.

As a family-run and former father-son business, Kasper Denture Clinic has been providing Vernon and the surrounding areas with denture services for many years; today, they’re excited to also be able to serve Kelowna full-time.

Initially Kasper was only able to work one morning a week at the new location – until Mike Duncan, a denturist with more than 20 years of experience joined the team, that is.

“We felt that the area needed to be better served,” says Duncan, who’s working in the Kelowna location five days a week. “We want people to know that we are their go-to denture team that serves Kelowna to Vernon with a satellite office in Winfield.

With the team’s years of experience, patients are confident they’ll get the denture that is right for their lifestyle. Whether a candidate for complete or partial dentures or their SR Ivocap precision dentures, Kasper’s team of experts ensures your concerns and interests always come first.

Proper maintenance is key

Duncan also stresses the importance of keeping up with preventive maintenance on your dentures – just like you see your dentist for a check-up.

“Dentures are not something you have put in your mouth and that’s it – your mouth changes and so your dentures also need to change,” Duncan says. “Maintenance is important as there may be preventable issues that we can see but maybe the client can’t.”

The dramatic results of what the team can do for clients of any age.
The dramatic results of what the team can do for clients of any age.

Services provided on-site include: Complete / full dentures; denture relines; repairs; immediate dentures after extractions; and implant over-dentures.

“We want to be a part of your oral health team. It shouldn’t only include a dentist or surgeon, but an expert denturist as well,” Duncan says.

For more information about Kasper Denture Clinic email them at or book a consultation now.