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Stay independent longer with a walk-in tub

Walk-in tubs are specifically designed with senior health, safety and longterm comfort in mind

Hoping to stay in your home as long as possible? Debating which home renovations are best suited to helping you achieve that goal?

Considering a report from the Government of Canada states one in four seniors fall every year and many of those falls happen in the bathroom, it’s no surprise that installing a walk-in tub can allow seniors to live at home independently for an additional five years, on average.

“Getting in and out of the bath or shower is a huge source of anxiety for seniors, especially those with mobility issues,” says Rick Perkins, owner of Walk-In Tubs Thompson Okanagan. “For both seniors and their family members, installing a walk-in tub can make a big difference when it comes to safety and peace-of-mind.”

Why a walk-in tub? Why not a walk-in shower?

“I’ve often met with clients who for whatever reasons don’t particularly like baths and would prefer to continue showering,” Perkins says. “While I completely understand everyone has a personal preference, I always encourage them to consider their safety first and the numbers don’t lie, walk-in baths are the safest solution on the market.”

Walk-in tubs are specifically designed with senior health, safety and longterm comfort in mind, Perkins says. If you’re thinking a grab-bar is all you need, ask yourself one simple question: “If I slip and manage to catch myself on the grab bar, do I have the upper body strength to fully prevent a fall or am I still going to walk away injured?”

The vast majority of the seniors Perkins speaks with agree they can’t safely rely on grab-bars alone.

“I just want to help people, if I make a sale along the way great, but it’s never my priority,”

– Rick Perkins.

Keeping their clients safe is the ultimate goal – they’re not a high-pressure, sales-focused business, says Perkins, who though semi-retired, continues to sell walk-in tubs because he and his wife, Cheryl, find it so rewarding and fulfilling.

“Rick has always been a ‘people person’ – he just loves visiting and helping people,” Cheryl says. “This is a ‘feel-good’ business and we’re driven to continue it because we’re not only helping keep our fellow seniors safe, but helping them retain their independence for as long as possible.”

Walk-in Tubs Thompson Okanagan offers a free, zero-obligation estimate and Rick is always eager to provide prospective clients with information on Provincial and Federal tax-credits and grants available for seniors interested in a walk-in tub.

Learn more at, email or call 250-682-4932 for more information. Find out if you qualify for a $7,500 government grant and a $2,500 tax credit with a free quote here.

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