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The ability to hear shouldn’t be a luxury item for seniors

Kelowna hearing clinic finds innovation solutions for Okanagan seniors
Seniors save on average $2,000 on their hearing aid purchases at Pardon Me Hearing.

The ability to hear should never be considered a ‘luxury’ but for too many seniors it can feel that way.

According to Statistics Canada, an estimated 4.6 million adults have at least mild hearing loss and 8.4 million have hearing loss in the high-frequency range.

However we also know that hearing loss affects more than our ability to hear – it transforms how we navigate the world.

Hearing loss is often associated with fatigue, anxiety and depression, leading to social isolation and a lower quality of life, says Luke Wiens, owner of Pardon Me Hearing in Kelowna. Studies have shown seniors suffering from hearing loss are also at greater risk of developing dementia than their peers with normal hearing. Despite ample accredited studies showing the potentially devastating effects of untreated hearing loss, many Canadian seniors continue to suffer in silence due to the high cost of hearing aids.

“Our primary goal at Pardon Me Hearing is to make high-quality hearing aids and hearing care affordable for everyone,” Wiens says. “It’s built right into the foundation of our business and we work towards finding new ways to keep costs down every day.”

In fact, Wiens says their clients save on average $2,000 on their hearing aid purchases, while getting the exact same high-quality product as they would receive elsewhere.

Clients often ask how they keep their prices down and the answer is simple: they focus on necessity above everything else, focusing on affordability for their clients in lieu of luxury headquarters and clinics.

“By reducing overhead costs where we can, we’re able to save our clients money where it counts. Our hearing aids are water-proof, rechargeable, wireless and bluetooth-enabled just like the competition’s. The only difference you’ll notice is in the money you’ll save.”

Pardon Me Hearing has an audiologist on staff, offers discounts and in-house payment plans as well as assistance in helping clients find government funding when needed. They accept extended benefits and even offer a trade-in program that can take up to $1,000 off, towards the purchase of new hearing aids. Learn more about their insurance and third-party coverage options online here.

“Pardon Me Hearing is changing the game when it comes to hearing aids,” Wiens says. “We go over and beyond for our clients every time, because everyone deserves to hear better at a price they can afford.”

Find more information about Pardon Me Hearing here and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.