Keto Strong Reviews (Canada) Worth Buying? Shark Tank Scam Revealed

Keto Strong is a recently introduced dietary supplement exclusively available for sale on KetoStrong.com. According to its creator, taking two pills daily forces your body to burn fat instead of relying on carbs for energy production purposes. The pills allow the body to remain in ketosis for as long as possible.

What is the Keto Strong supplement? Does it achieve the goals it claims? Read on to learn more about Keto Strong, including how it works and the ingredients used to make it.

Keto Strong: What Is It?

Keto Strong is a uniquely formulated weight loss formula made using natural ingredients which assist the body to get into ketosis. Like most other modern diet pills, Keto Strong achieves its objectives by keeping the body in ketosis for prolonged durations. All consumers have to do is ensure they take two pills per day.

These two pills will enable your body to begin burning fat instead of carbs. Through this process, the body gets to release all the fat stored in stubborn cells, allowing you to start losing weight. BHB ketone salts are among the most commonly used ingredients in keto capsules, and this holds for Keto Strong.

The supplement uses magnesium, calcium, and potassium salts to assist the body in getting into ketosis. Additionally, Keto Strong also uses collagen, caffeine, and other complementary ingredients to help enhance these weight loss benefits. All these ingredients guarantee that you will begin to lose weight in no time.

Everyone who consumes these pills will get to lose weight regardless of their exercise or dieting habits. Note that Keto Strong can only be purchased from the official website, where it retails at $60 per bottle. A 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee helps protect every purchase. Keto Strong is manufactured and packaged in the United States.

How Does It Work?

According to its makers, Keto Strong does its job in three simple steps:

Step 1: Instant Fat Burning

The body will enter into ketosis immediately after taking the two pills and remain in that state for as long as possible. Typically, you will need to fast for the body to enter into ketosis. The makers of Keto Strong claim that this is a shortcut to getting into ketosis. Once ingested, the body releases ketones which allow it to begin burning fat.

Fat burning enables your body to lose weight fast. And the good news is that this will continue to happen regardless of whether you are following a strict keto diet, fasting, or exercising. Information provided on the official website claims that you can lose up to 5lbs within the first seven days.

Step 2: Accelerate Fat Burn

The next step, according to Keto Strong, is the initiation of the accelerated fat-burning process. Your body will undergo accelerated fat burning over the next twenty-one days. The process will help you to lose as much as 20lbs within thirty days of using these capsules. Its makers believe that you will begin to notice a drastic change within a very short duration.

Step 3: Body Transformation

Lastly, Keto Strong claims that it can continue transforming your body over the next couple of months. The supplement will continue to deliver unrivaled fat burning that will enable the body to stabilize your appetite levels. You will also end up with a slimmer and better-looking physique.

The manufacturer claims that it takes between three to five months for the supplement to deliver advanced weight loss benefits. You only need to take two pills each day to keep the body in ketosis.

How Does the Process of Ketosis Work?

Keto Strong is very different from all other keto weight loss pills yet not very different from other keto-based diet pills in terms of its goal and effectiveness. Its primary goal is to help the body remain in ketosis. You need to understand how the ketosis process works to understand how Keto Strong does its job. Remember, this is how you get to burn fat and lose the stubborn fat stored in hard-to-reach areas.

Ketosis refers to a state where the body begins to burn fat to create energy instead of relying on carbs. The body needs a constant supply of fuel to function. On a normal day, it gets the fuel it needs from the carbs present in your diet. Depriving it of carbs, e.g., when fasting, will force it to begin burning fat.

It’s the process known as ketosis.

Some people fast as a way of getting the body into ketosis. When fasting, the body is forced to burn fat to produce energy instead of using carbs. Given that it’s not getting carbs from your food intake, it needs to find another energy source to remain functional. It’s why it resorts to burning fat.

Generally, the body has been conditioned to burn carbs to create energy instead of fat. There are instances when your diet may be filled with carbs, forcing the body to rely on these carbs for energy production. In such cases, the body will try to use up all these carbs before moving to the stubborn fat cells.

Ketosis is typically linked to different types of energy. It’s normal to feel different when your body is in this state. Some people have reported feeling like they were experiencing a different kind of cognitive energy, which put their minds into a different state. Others have reported experiencing better mental acuity and increased physical energy.

The state of ketosis has been studied thoroughly and extensively and has been found to be real. While the keto diet may fail to work for everyone who tries it, ensuring the body remains in a state of ketosis will allow you to lose unwanted weight.

How Much Weight Should You Expect to Lose When Using Keto Strong?

Information provided on the official Keto Strong website indicates that you stand to lose a considerable amount of weight when using this supplement. The testimonials shared on the official website and its social media pages indicate that consumers who have used Keto Strong have managed to lose the following amounts.

  • One consumer claimed to have lost 20lbs within the first thirty days
  • A second woman claims she cried tears of joy after realizing that Keto Strong had enabled her to lose 10lbs.
  • A third consumer, a man, claims the supplement helped him to lose 16% body fat within four months.

A look at consumers’ before and after images on the official website shows that the supplement does indeed deliver advanced weight loss results. These photos have been obtained from consumers located across the United States. Many have claimed to lose between 30 to 100lbs within a few months of first taking the supplement.

How Do BHB Ketones Work?

Keto Strong comes infused with BHB ketones. Scientifically known as beta-hydroxybutyrate salts, these are salted versions of sodium and potassium minerals. The ketones have been seen to assist in raising the ketone levels in your bloodstream, which assists the body to remain in a state of ketosis.

Supplements infused with BHB ketones work similarly.

The body begins to release ketones into the bloodstream when it’s in a state of ketosis. Elevated ketone levels indicate that the body has begun to burn fat to help with energy production. Your body will remain in this state for as long as the ketone levels remain high.

One needs to follow a keto diet or practice fasting to raise the ketone levels. During the fasting period, the body will burn fat to produce energy instead of burning carbs. It’s a process that helps raise ketone levels in the bloodstream and assists the body to remain in ketosis.

Supplements infused with BHB ketones claim to be a shortcut to getting the body into ketosis. They get to do this by providing the body with direct injection of ketones, which assist in raising the levels present in the bloodstream. Elevated levels will allow the body to enter into ketosis regardless of whether you are following a diet or fasting.

Ingredients Used to Make Keto Strong

One of the things we like about Keto Strong is that its makers have disclosed the full list of ingredients used to make it. They have also provided dosage levels, making it easier for consumers to compare Keto Strong to other similar supplements present in the market today. Not all ingredients are related to ketosis, as others are there to help with weight loss only.

Vitamin D (5mcg)

It’s not commonly found in weight loss pills. The vitamin plays an important role in supplying the body with energy and in strengthening your immunity. The body naturally produces this vitamin when the skin comes into contact with the sun. Insufficient vitamin D leads to poor immunity and reduced energy levels.

Calcium (75mg)

Calcium is a type of BHB ketone powder that assists the body in getting into ketosis. Calcium citrate is among the ingredients present in Keto Strong. This is a salted version of the normal calcium that assists in elevating your ketone levels.

Magnesium (50mg)

It’s considered one of the best and most readily available ketones. When used in the form of magnesium citrate, magnesium can assist in enhancing the levels of ketones present in your bloodstream. Once they are high, it sends a signal to the body to start losing weight.

Zinc (50mg)

Keto Strong has zinc oxide in it. This ingredient is not commonly found in keto pills. While the ingredient plays a crucial role in energy and hormone production, zinc doesn’t help the body to get into ketosis. However, the zinc present in this supplement can assist the body in performing other functions that allow it to lose weight and maintain general wellness.

Potassium (4.5mg)

The supplement uses potassium to assist in elevating the ketone levels in the body. Potassium gluconate is among the most popular types of BHB ketones found in modern diet pills. The makers of Keto Strong believe that taking the salted version of this ingredient can assist the body to get into ketosis.

Fish Oil Powder (50mg)

Not many diet pills available in the market today contain fish oil powder. While this ingredient has been used to make Keto Strong, its makers haven’t explained the role it plays. We believe that this powder contains small amounts of fatty acids that help the body get into a fat-burning state.

Hydrolyzed Collagen (50mg)

It’s commonly referred to as an anti-aging ingredient. Collagen occurs in large amounts in the body and assists in preventing aging. It also plays a role in ensuring good joint health and better muscle development. The body has an easier time breaking down and accessing this version of collagen.

Caffeine (50mg)

Keto Strong, like many other diet pills on sale today, contains caffeine. Caffeine is a tried and proven fat burner and stimulant. Although unrelated to ketosis, it does play an important role in boosting your metabolism. It also helps in accelerating the fat-burning process.

Additional Ingredients

The ingredients we have listed above form the bulk of this supplement. Other ingredients used to make it include brown rice flour, gelatin, silicon dioxide, and microcrystalline.

When blended, these ingredients help keep your body in ketosis for prolonged durations while providing it with many other useful benefits.

Scientific Evidence to Back the Claims Made by the Keto Strong Manufacturer

At this stage, we want to note that Keto Strong hasn’t completed any clinical trials that can verify the claims made by its manufacturer. Additionally, the company hasn’t used peer-review journals to discuss its formula or how it works. The efficiency of this supplement is based on studies on the ingredients used to make it.

A 2017 study, for example, showed that individuals who consumed BHB ketones were able to increase the amounts of ketones present in their bloodstream. Normally, the levels only become elevated when a person is fasting or following the strict recommendations of the keto diet.

Researchers at the Ohio State University asked study participants to follow the keto diet to see whether the BHB ketone supplements could assist in making the keto diet more efficient. Participants who took the BHB ketone supplement experienced higher fasting concentrations in the first fourteen days than those on the placebo.

As we noted earlier, Keto Strong has been manufactured using various ingredients, including caffeine. Caffeine is among the most studied ingredients today, which explains why it’s commonly used in dieting pills. A 2005 study showed that habitual caffeine consumption led to increased weight loss and better body maintenance.

Other studies have linked caffeine to increased metabolism levels leading to fast weight loss.

Overall, Keto Strong appears to contain a modest amount of BHB ketones, which will help the body remain in ketosis. Though there are stronger BHB ketones available in the market, the makers of Keto Strong have opted to add caffeine as a complementary ingredient. It helps in enhancing its benefits and in ensuring you get to lose weight as fast as possible.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Keto Strong is available for sale on the official website and comes in two, three, or five bottle packages. The maker has provided the following pricing breakdown:

  • Two Bottles: $119.50 + Free Shipping
  • Three Bottles: $159.84 + Free Shipping
  • Five Bottles: $198.80 + Free Shipping

A single bottle contains sixty capsules, equivalent to thirty servings. Make sure to take two pills daily to help with your weight loss efforts.

Information provided by the manufacturer shows that you should expect to lose 7+lbs when taking the two-bottle package, 15+lbs with the three-bottle package, and 25+lbs with the five-bottle package.

What’s the Keto Strong Refund Policy?

A 90-day money-back guarantee protects every purchase of Keto Strong. Consumers have an option to request a full refund within ninety days if they don’t notice any results. The manufacturer has a no-questions-asked policy, which means anyone who isn’t satisfied or hasn’t lost within this period can ask for a refund.

Who Is Behind This Supplement?

Keto Strong has been made by a supplement manufacturer that operates under the same brand name. Keto Strong is manufactured, packaged, and shipped from the United States. However, we haven’t been able to find much information on this supplement online. We don’t know where the ingredients are sourced and the type of expertise that goes into its formulation.

If you would like to know more about this supplement, you can contact the team behind it through the following email:

Email: care@keto-strong.com

Keto Strong Shark Tank Scams

Despite these scams having been around for a while, we are sad to report that the “Shark Tank Keto Pills” narrative remains very much alive even today. The association between Keto Strong and Shark Tank has begun to peak once again due to the widespread popularity of this dietary supplement.

For those who don’t know, the Shark Tank Keto Strong Pills coupling isn’t legit and should always be considered fraudulent at all levels. Treat any Keto Strong Shark Tank advertisement you come across as bogus. These are fake advertisements meant to scam unsuspecting consumers.

The idea behind the advertisements is to dupe the public into thinking that the Shark Tank personnel has endorsed the supplements. Please note that the celebrities and investors on this show have never backed any weight loss pill from the day the show started to date. As such, there’s no Keto Strong Shark Tank episode to review.

Of importance to note is that the pills being advertised using this phrasing aren’t the same pills we have reviewed in this article today. Those behind the advertisements are merely independent reps who have created fake pages to scam the public. Luckily, this review of Keto Strong should help you set the record straight and learn to differentiate between the two.

Always be on the lookout for false advertising when looking to buy Keto Strong pills.

Final Thoughts

Keto Strong diet pills claim to be the leading weight loss product in the United States. It uses a full spectrum formula and BHB ketones to help its users lose up to 20lbs within the first four weeks of continued use. Visit the official Keto Strong website to learn more about its composition and what it can do for your weight loss efforts.

Remember, a single bottle retails at $60 and is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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