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6 candidates make Liveable Kelowna’s endorsement list

The group believes the current voting system favours incumbents and name recognition
Liveable Kelowna is endorsing six candidates for city council. (Photo/

Liveable Kelowna isn’t favouring any mayoral candidates, but it is endorsing six individuals it feels are suitable for city council.

The group, which calls itself a collective of non-partisan, concerned citizens, is promoting Bal Grewal, Davis Kyle, Gord Lovegrove, Peter Truch, Elaine McMurray and Loyal Wooldridge.

“The six endorsed candidates display leadership, competency, and a commitment to fully understand the issues brought to council and to listen to community input whereas most incumbents have failed to make the case as to why they deserve another term,” a post on the Liveable Kelowna website says.

Wooldridge is the only incumbent councillor on the list. The group added it also believes the current voting system favours incumbents and name recognition.

“With five of the city councillors seeking re-election for a staggering fourth term or more, the only way to hit the ‘refresh button,’ and avoid a rerun of the last fourth years, is to VOTE TOGETHER for these six exceptional candidates. Voting for other candidates will dilute the vote and make it harder to create space for these candidates.”

The group added the city needs a better council for several reasons.

“We believe that our city’s inability to tackle serious problems such as housing affordability, traffic congestion, homelessness, community safety, and the climate crisis is due to the fact that council is too often making hasty decisions without the benefit of hearing from the citizens of Kelowna.”

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