The Arkells are an alternative roc band from Hamilton, Ontario. (Contributed)

The Arkells are an alternative roc band from Hamilton, Ontario. (Contributed)

Arkells ask fans to ‘do the right thing’ and support local journalism

The Arkells will headline Big White’s AltiMusic Festival in April

Big White’s headliner for the AltiTunes Music Festival, the Arkells, are making an effort to keep local journalism alive by offering full-year subscriptions to their fan’s favorite news outlets.

According to the Official Arkells Website, the band from Hamilton, Ontario is taking steps to ‘do the right thing’ as their local newspaper continues to shrink in size.

“Good reporting not only keeps us in the loop, but also makes sure our big wigs are held accountable — to ensure there is no sneaky biz,” read a statement on the Arkells website.

“Somewhere along the way, we took this for granted. We forgot that we have to pay for this vital service, and that reporting the news isn’t free. In our own city we’ve seen our local newspaper continue to shrink, and we worry about its future and the future of other local newspapers.”

The band will also be giving fans new swag as part of the initiative. All you have to do is visit their website, fill out this form outlining which paid journalistic institution is your favorite and you will receive a free t-shirt along with the year-long subscription.

The Arkells will perform at the AltiTunes Music Festival in Big White on Apr. 4.

Tickets can be found here on the Big White website.

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