WildSafeBC’s bin tags for garbage.

WildSafeBC’s bin tags for garbage.

Bear spotted in Rose Valley

Residents are being warned of a bear that might be garbage habituated wandering West Kelowna

Spring has sprung in the Okanagan and blooming flowers aren’t the only thing making an appearance, bears have also begun to creep out of hibernation.

Residents living in Rose Valley are being warned of a bear in the Griffiths Place and Scott Crescent area.

WildSafeBC is reminding residents that garbage is a bear attractant and rubbish bins should be securely stored.

Bin tagging is taking place by WildSafeBC in Okanagan neighbourhoods where a removable sticker is placed on containers that are set out curbside the day before collection or outside of times stated in local bylaws. WildSafeBC provides information on these bylaws but does not enforce them or deliver fines — instead a sticker serves as a reminder.

According to the Wildlife Alert Reporting Program a black bear was spotted in the Aurora Heights area of West Kelowna, Monday morning. While another bear was spotted digging through garbage on May 22 in the same area.

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