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Bear spotted on Louie Drive in West Kelowna

Sows and their cubs have also been spotted in Shannon Lake, Glenrosa, and Rose Valley
More and more bears are being seen in West Kelowna. (Photo/West Kelowna Rant & Rave Facebook)

Several bears have been spotted in West Kelowna recently, including one wandering along Louie Drive near Walmart Wednesday (June 22) night.

It then made its way south and was last seen padding past a car lot and vape store. According to the WildSafeBC Central Okanagan, sows with cubs are also getting into garbage in the Shannon Lake, Glenrosa, and Rose Valley neighbourhoods.

Bears may become food-conditioned and/or habituated to people. They will tolerate people in much closer proximity than what is safe for them and humans.

A statement from WildSafe adds “it is particularly unfortunate to see sows teaching cubs to forage for unnatural food among people – potentially leading to future conflicts and shorter lives of the bears.”

Sightings of bears, coyotes, wolves, or cougars in urban areas, or wildlife in conflict, can be reported to the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277. For further information on reducing human-wildlife conflict visit the WildSafeBC website.

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