Brenda Renewables proposed a composting and renewable gas facility at the site of the former Brenda Mines. (Brenda Renewables)

Brenda Renewables proposed a composting and renewable gas facility at the site of the former Brenda Mines. (Brenda Renewables)

Biosolids composting may be ‘crappy idea’: Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance

The PWPA to host information session regarding the proposed composting site at former Brenda mines

Having a biosolids composting facility at the former Brenda Mines site may be a “crappy idea,” according to the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance (PWPA).

“At its May 25, 2021 council meeting, the District of Peachland… must have felt a strong sense of deja vu,” the alliance said in a statement.

“They were presented with a proposal yet again for the disposal of biosolids… a similar proposal was brought forward in 2013 and ultimately rejected by Interior Health, who were not convinced Peachland’s drinking water would be unaffected.”

The PWPA said the only difference this time is that Brenda Renewables is proposing to have a processing facility at the site, so biosolid waste doesn’t have to be trucked into Alberta and, instead, processed in town.

“This may be a good idea, or it may be a crappy one. The PWPA is intent on finding out.”

“Since the proponents have provided nothing more than glowing statements of assurance that our drinking water will not be contaminated or polluted, we just don’t know.”

As such, the PWPA said it will be hosting a “community-driven conversation” about the proposed biosolids composting facility for Brenda Mines and how it can affect Peachland’s water.

For its part, Brenda Renewables and Glencore have said not only do they want the surrounding area to reclaim the former mine, but they also want to have “co-purposes” that will benefit the local communities.

Glencore has assured the district there will be no odour, noise or liquid discharge from the facility and will instead be a service by taking Peachland’s biosolid waste and processing them at the site.

“PWPA believes Peachland needs more information, including research reports, submissions to the government with respect to environmental licenses, and meaningful consultation about what exactly is proposed, what are the risks to the drinking water supply, and how those risks will be mitigated.”

The information session will be held at the Little Schoolhouse in Peachland on June 24 at 7 p.m. COVID-19 protocols will be in place.

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