Black Mountain resident shares life in quarantine

Black Mountain resident shares life in quarantine

Fiona Clark and her husband have been self-isolating for 10 days

Their usual routine has been turned upside down, but Fiona Clark and her husband are still trying to have a daily pattern to their lives.

The Black Mountain couple left Canada for Mexico in October. Their plan was to go to New Zealand and back again to Mexico before coming back home, but their trip was cut short when the COVID-19 pandemic grew serious.

They landed back in Kelowna on Mar. 17 and have been in self-isolation since.

Clark said their neighbours have been very kind and have been running errands for them and buying groceries for them. She said they’re not quite used to being helped as they’re used to doing things for others, but that it’s been a nice change right now.

“We’ve been getting emails from (our neighbours) offering us some help, and they’ve been shopping for us and leaving it on the doorstep. I’ve quickly learned how to e-transfer them money,” she said.

“It’s been hard because this isn’t our usual lifestyle. Trying to figure out the rules: can we go for a walk, can we not go for a walk, that kind of stuff has been difficult.”

She said since they got back, she and her husband have been readjusting to being back in the Okanagan and the chilly temperatures, as well as adjusting to a life of quarantine.

Currently, she said they’re trying to stick to a routine as much as possible, including getting up at their usual time, getting ready for the day, cooking meals, and “meeting up” with friends via online calls.

“We’re trying to contact our friends and our family in the usual ways, I’m having the paper delivered – it’s just a lovely normal thing that we do when we come back home again, which is lovely.”

“Not many routines are the same because we’re usually hiking and poking about the shops and having coffee with friends. None of that is the same anymore. Now we’re just sharing a glass of wine online.”

Once their quarantine is over, Clark said she’s looking forward to doing some volunteer work with students who may still be at home.

“I’m sure there are children who need some skills or support during this time, so I’m hoping to get the opportunity to work with them.”

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