Blasting planned in West Kelowna’s Shannon Lake area

Blasting relating to the expansion of the Tallus Ridge subdivision will take place between now and December says the city.

Plan blasting will take place in the Tallus Ridge area of West Kelowna between now and December.

If you hear loud explosions emanating from the Tallus Ridge subdivision in the Shannon Lake area of West Kelowna between now and next month, don’t be alarmed.

The City of West Kelowna says planned blasting activity, related to subdivision construction, will start today (Oct. 24) and continue through to December.

A blasting permit has been issued to TT Contractors Ltd. for site blasting for stage 8 of the Tallus Ridge subdivision on Paramount Drive.

According to the city, blasting will be allowed Monday to Saturday, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

As part of WorkSafeBC requirements, safety sirens will be sounded before each blast once the area is cleared.

The blasting company will monitor for vibrations caused by the blast.

Residents with concerns regarding the blasting activity can contact the general contractor, TT Contracting Ltd., at 778-478-3559 or They can also contact the blasting company, Little Rock Drilling & Blasting Ltd., at 250-365-9833 or