Boil water notice issued for South East Kelowna Irrigation

Users on the surface water system should bring water to a boil for drinking, brushing teeth and rinsing foods

The South East Kelowna Irrigation District has issued a BOIL WATER NOTICE for users on the surface water system. The order is effective immediately and remains in effect until further notice.

SEKID says a property owner has ruptured a sixteen inch water main on an easement running through his property. The contractor hired by the property owner proceeded with the excavation without obtaining the location of the water main from the district.

The increased flow from the water main break overwhelmed the chlorine system at the district intake, requiring a boil water notice to be issued. The water main break has been isolated and the chlorine system will be reactivated shortly. Unfortunately untreated water has entered into the distribution system and it will take a few days to insure the distribution system is flushed and chlorine levels are back up to standards.

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During a boil water notice, tap water used for drinking, brushing teeth, or rinsing ready-to-eat-foods should be brought to a rolling boil for one minute.

“Owners of all public facilities must post boil water notices at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public (alternatively, public fountains and taps may be turned off). As opportunities arise, they must also advise their clientele verbally of the boil water order.”

Interior Health has been consulted and is fully involved in this notification. The South East Kelowna Irrigation District apologizes for any inconvenience this notification might cause our customers and appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time. The public will be notified when conditions allow the Boil Water Notice to be rescinded.

Kelowna residents unsure of who their water supplier is can get this information by going to and using the “who is my water supplier” tool.