Parking restrictions around Kelowna General Hospital are about to change.—Image credit: Google Maps

Parking restrictions around Kelowna General Hospital are about to change.—Image credit: Google Maps

City ready to implement KGH area street parking changes

Signs and pay stations being installed and new time restrictions coming into effect.

City of Kelowna crews are installing the street signs and equipment needed to implement the new on-street parking plan for the area around Kelowna General Hospital.

Pay parking and removal of the existing time limits on Royal Avenue, Abbott Street and Rose Avenue will go into effect June 19, once the signs and pay stations are installed. The updated parking restrictions, including overnight resident permit only parking will go into effect as the appropriate signs are installed, says the city.

“Pay parking will encourage turnover for stalls closest to the hospital while allowing the existing time limit to be removed, making it easier for patients and hospital visitors to find short-term parking,” said Dave Duncan, the city’s parking services manager.

The changes include:

• Replacement of the existing two-hour limit in front of the hospital on Royal Avenue with pay parking with no time limit (24-hour time limit for parking on all city streets remains in effect.)

• Replacement of existing time limits in front of the hospital on Abbott Street and Rose Avenue with pay parking from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The city says that will allow for unrestricted evening and overnight parking on a non-residential block and allow for parking longer than two-hours.

• Changing the north side of Royal Avenue between Long Street and Pandosy Streets from resident permit only parking to a full-time one-hour maximum parking zone.

• Introducing resident permit only parking on Long Street between Royal Avenue and Cadder Avenue.

• Introducing overnight (8 p.m. to 8 a.m.) resident permit only parking for residential blocks closest to the hospital (Glenwood Avenue, Christleton Avenue, Speer Street, Abbott Street, Rose Avenue and Atwood Place.) During the day (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) the existing one-hour maximum daily parking restrictions will remain in effect.

•Expansion of two-hour maximum daily parking restrictions to include Richter Street between Glenwood and Elliot Avenues.

The measures are part of the city’s Hospital Area On-Street Parking Plan approved by council in December.

According to city hall, the plan was developed through consultation with area residents and other hospital stakeholders.