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Club life for Okanagan dachshunds

Kelowna Dachshund Club held pool party in Vernon; club features 1,500 online members

No photo finish was required.

Olive the home pool favourite beat the aging, washed-up reporter by a good two doggie lengths. Er, wiener doggie lengths.

The five-metre exhibition swim between Olive – swimming in her own pool, a body of water she knows extensively – and the reporter was one of the, er, highlights (lowlights?) of the Kelowna Dachshund Club’s Vernon Pool Party Sunday, Aug. 8, at a house overlooking another beautiful body of water, Kalamalka Lake.

We first introduced you to the Kelowna club in July of 2019, discovering a three-hour pool party on that incredibly hot, steamy Sunday afternoon attracted 25 dachshunds and their owners. Then we found out the club had more than 700 online members province-wide.

Since the article appeared online and in print, the club has more than doubled in size.

“We now have more than 1,500 members,” beamed Erin Green of Vernon, party hostess and Olive’s owner.

On this particular Sunday, Aug. 8, the weather for the three-hour gathering didn’t exactly cooperate. It was windy, though the pool temperature was quite warm.

A few dachshunds, cuddled lovingly in their owners’ arms, braved the water for about, oh, three seconds, then did everything their little legs could do to get back into their owners’ arms, or out of the pool.

They ran around the pool. Two of the older dachshunds treated little 10-week-old Shawnessy as the kid brother or sister they didn’t want hanging around. A little push here, a small shove there. Shawnessy stole the show at the party, at least for the first hour.

It’s an afternoon of camaraderie between dogs and owners, one of a number of events the club holds over the year. Guests bring food and beverages for humans and the four-legged friends.

“We’re having a great time,” said Green. “There’s probably 10 dogs here and at least 10 or 15 more to come so it’s going to be a great day.

“We try to do this every year. This is the third one at my house. We try to get 50 people and the average is about 40 dogs.”

Green said in the history of the pool party, there has never been a dog fight.

More information on the club can be found on their Facebook page, Kelowna Dachshund Club.

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