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Columnist compendium: Our columnists shared their thoughts this week

Capital News columnists share their opinions and the latest from their professions. Here's a round-up of what they had to offer last week.

In the Kelowna Capital News the week of October 31 to November 4:

Veterinarian Moshe Oz deals with some disgusting things your dog does. There's a reason your pet 'scoots' across the carpet and you should take it in to relieve your pet of pain.

Personal injury lawyer Paul Hergott has seen the repercussions from car "accidents" to try to make them obsolete. Road conditions and how we adapt to them is a good way to stay out of a tangle — no accident at all if your not driving according to the conditions.

Gwen Steele, one of two gardening gurus who write a column for the Capital News, shows us how make a 'lasagne garden' layer compost elements over the winter which will provide all the nutrients your vegetables or flowers will need come spring.

Don Burnett, our other gardening guru, told us about some amazing gardens he has visited across Canada. If you wish to join him on a tour of some gardens in England and Scotland May 18 to 31, read his column to see how you can find out more.

Bobbi Moger reminds us, as the holiday eating season arrives, to stop before we're uncomfortable. Those kilos we add around our circumference will take months to whittle off.

Marjorie Horne advises seniors, and all of us, to take time to appreciate the abundance we enjoy. Take a moment to be grateful for family and friends.

In true Hodge Podge style, Charlie Hodge said a bit about this and a bit about that, starting with the house fire a friend is now having to deal with, to the Cubs win, to Remembrance Day and the pending US election.

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