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COSAR transports injured rock climber via UTV at Myra Canyon

Saturday’s rescue was COSAR’s 78th of the year

An injured rock climber was transported to the Myra Canyon parking lot via a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) by Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR) on Saturday, Sept. 11.

COSAR was called to trestle number 18 at Myra Canyon after receiving a report of an injured rock climber. A bike team arrived first and administered first aid to the patient while waiting for a stretcher and trauma pack to arrive from the hall. It was determined that the UTV would be the best mode of transport to bring the patient to the parking lot and it was dispatched shortly after.

“COSAR would like to thank the hikers and bikers on the Kelowna Valley Rail Trail for their patience this morning as we transported the patient down the railgrade,” said COSAR in an email.

The injured climber’s injuries are unknown.

Saturday’s task was COSAR’s 78th of the year. Last year, COSAR had an all-time high of 84 rescues.

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