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Election 2021: Kathryn McDonald — PPC candidate for Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola

Kathryn McDonald is a paralegal in her mid-30s
Kathryn McDonald, People’s Party of Canada candidate for Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola, with party leader Maxime Bernier. (Contributed)

Unsure who to vote for? Want to know more about your local candidates? Black Press Media has you covered with profiles of the candidates for Kelowna-Lake Country and Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola. As election day approaches, we will publish short profiles of each candidate who responds to our request. These will be published on a first-come-first-serve basis as soon as the candidate comes in for a video interview and completes our written Q&A. All written responses are straight from the candidate, with edits only for grammar and style.

Provide a brief bio of yourself.

Kathryn McDonald is a mid-30s paralegal/legal assistant who’s worked in the industry for over 12 years. She works every day to protect Canadians who suffer injury at the hands of others. Kathryn has a keen sense of justice and fully supports truth, transparency, and equality of opportunity. Kathryn represents that demographic that will lead this country for decades to come.

How do you plan to lead this riding out of the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you support the implementation of a proof of vaccination program?

As you no doubt know by now both the CBC and CTV have released their polling results on this issue. The People’s Party of Canada is pleased to inform you that we agree with the 82% of Canadians who reject the notion of vaccine passports.

The People’s Party of Canada opposes any kind of government-mandated apartheid system in this country. We believe that all citizens are equal - with no qualifiers. We are very clear that if we are given a mandate, there will be no apartheid system (vaccine passports) in this country.

Editor’s note: Black Press Media was unable to verify the information referenced by McDonald regarding proof of vaccination. A poll by the Angus Reid Institute that surveyed 1,709 Canadians from Sept. 3 to Sept. 6 found 70 per cent supported proof of vaccination in public spaces nationwide.

Can you name one recommendation from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action and any concrete plans to implement the recommendation if you are elected?

Of the five questions posed to the People’s Party of Canada, this is the most important of all. In 2012 the TRC release its “Calls to Action.” The calls comprise 94 recommendations - all having to do with the conditions that were imposed on the indigenous population of Canada. The very existence of these recommendations is a dark indictment of many decades of Canadian governance. How did we let this happen?

The question limits me to naming just one recommendation. For that I name recommendation 71 — but I do so as only a starting point toward full reconciliation. Recommendation 71 calls for Chief Coroners (and related authorities) to provide the death records of aboriginal children that were in the care of residential facilities. This would be a very small move, but a gesture that could get the full dialogue going on this issue.

What are your personal ideas regarding climate change and how do you plan to represent your riding’s specific interests in this regard, for example, wildfires and extreme drought?

The debate on climate change will rage on for years. A decade ago, global warming was debunked by the British courts, and the scientist involved were found to have fraudulently manipulated the data. The project then changed its name to climate change, but this is really a misnomer. Climates have always changed, and they always will. Ordinary citizens are fed a daily diet of false information from special interest groups, backed by corrupt media, that lead them to believe that climate change is equal to pollution. It is not.

The People’s Party of Canada will rely on genuine science and will always work to protect the planet. From our perspective, this means that polluters will be a target. Willful pollution for the purposes of gaining profit is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated by our party.

Which Canadian political figure, past or present, inspires you the most and why?

I’m happy you said “Political Figure” and not just Prime Minister. Truthfully, I have no admiration for any past Prime Minister. That said, I have enormous respect for Judy Wilson-Raybould. As the country’s Attorney General, she did her job in moving to prosecute the executives at SNC Lavalin. For that diligence, Trudeau fired her to cover up for SNC Lavalin and he kicked her out of the party. That speaks volumes. And it all addresses the very heart and soul of the People’s Party of Canada. The People’s Party of Canada would be an army of Judy Wilson-Rayboulds!

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