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Flames devour Falkland barn

Blaze destroyed old structure on cattle farm Wednesday, Dec. 8
A barn bursts into flames in Falkland Wednesday, Dec. 8. (Bev Laponder photo)

A fire has destroyed a longstanding home for farm animals.

A barn in Falkland went up in flames Wednesday, Dec. 8 on Dear Road.

“(It) pretty much burned to the ground. Thankfully no humans or animals were hurt,” Falkland resident Bev Laponder said.

She was driving when she saw the blaze around 3 p.m.

“When I first saw the fire it was small and only on one corner of the building. I stopped and called 911 but I could see that it was going to go up really fast,” she said.

“I had tears in my eyes for these people. I just hope they can get some shelter for their upcoming calving season otherwise there will be more losses.”

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