Good morning Kelowna, for Friday Dec. 2, 2016

Here's your day in a nutshell. Make the most of it.

1. Weather outlook: We are waking up to temperatures just above freezing. It will become more cloudy as the day goes on and 2-4 cm of wet snow will fall through the day and evening. Bundle up for the wind: 20 km/h from the south, gusting to 40.

2. OC contest winner: Pip Dryden, a student at Okanagan College won the Kelowna campus three-hour short story writing contest as well as the overall prize for entries from all four campuses.

3. Something we’re abuzz about: Creepy bugs.

4. Watch the bouncing ball: The best in university volleyball will be at the UBCO gym tonight and Saturday night.

5. Something to get riled up about: The despicable way some people treat animals.

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