Goodnight, Kelowna. Hope you had a great Oct. 25, 2016

It was another big day in news, Kelowna. Read all about it and then get to bed!

  • Tue Oct 25th, 2016 8:00am
  • News

It’s a beautiful night, Kelowna. Hope you’ve been outside enjoying all the fall colours. Before you settle in for the night, here’s a rundown of a few things you may want to know.

1.) The skies are set to stay pretty clear tonight, but it will be cold, too. Temperatures are expected to drop to 5 C overnight and you may want to anticipate a rainy morning.

2.) It was a pretty newsy day in the Okanagan. There was a Hells Angels Clubhouse raid and city council made decisions on commercial and residential spaces. We had this follow-up on last week’s murder trial sentencing, as well. It’s a reminder that women are still vulnerable, despite all the steps toward gender equality.

3.) Not all news is serious. Kelowna was host to a couple of comedic icons last night and according to assistant editor Alistair Waters, it was “Monty Python nirvana.” Read all about it, here.

4.) Sports reporter Warren Henderson offers some insight into the Rockets season in today’s news cycle. In particular he writes about three rookie forwards getting their footing.

5.) Finally, let’s look beyond our borders at something that is of no importance whatsoever. Let’s look at David S. Pumpkins — a name becoming increasingly well known since Tom Hanks played the character on last weekend’s Saturday night live. Apparently Mr. Pumpkins was such a hit that people are planning to emulate his look for their own Halloween celebrations.

What about you? Will you be David S Pumpkins, or something more traditional. Just remember, clowns are even less cool than usual this year.