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‘Hockey player’ named as the ‘abusive’ sexual assailant during Kelowna court case

Four men allegedly assaulted a young woman in 2018

Kole Comin was named as the “abusive” assailant by the victim during a sexual assault and confinement trial taking place in Kelowna Supreme Court on Thursday.

Comin is one of four men facing charges of sexual assault and confinement stemming from a 2018 alleged incident in West Kelowna.

The victim identified Comin as “hockey player two” during the fourth day of the four-week trial. Brothers Christian and David Dupas as well as Trevor Pereverzoff, are the three other men charged in the case. They are also referred to as hockey players by the victim as well as a witness RCMP officer, despite not all of the men playing hockey, as the victim did not know their names at the time of the alleged incident.

During Thursday’s proceedings a recording of the victim’s statement, identifying the alleged perpetrators, was played for the court.

The recording was taken on June 20, 2018.

“He grabbed me by the neck,” said the victim.

“I couldn’t breathe at all. He was the abusive one,” she alleged of Comin.

“He kept coming onto me sexually and orally,” she said.

The victim alleges that Comin did not act alone. She said in the video statement that she was placed on her knees on the bed while Comin and another man, whom she did not name, had simultaneous vaginal and oral sex with her.

The case continues.


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