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‘I just wanted them to stop’: Woman testifies in Kelowna sexual assault trial

Four men said to have been involved
Trevor Pereverzoff who is charged with count of with sexual assault and unlawful confinement.(Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

**WARNING: Graphic content may disturb some readers**

In the second week of a sexual assault and unlawful confinement trial taking place in Kelowna, a young woman was called to the stand to testify against four men.

The victim, who cannot be named due to a publication ban, stated that she was sexually assaulted and unlawfully confinement in West Kelowna in June of 2018.

“I just wanted them to stop and told them to let me go,” said the woman to a court on Wednesday.

Kole Comin, brothers Christian and David Dupas, as well as Trevor Pereverzoff, have each been charged one count of with sexual assault and unlawful confinement.

The alleged assaults occurred after an evening involving alcohol consumption. According to the woman, she experienced some moments of “blacking out”.

The woman claimed that Comin and Pereverzoff referred to as ‘hockey players two and one’ before the court, had non-consensual vaginal and oral sex with her.

They are referred to as hockey players by the woman, despite not all of the men playing hockey, as she did not know their names at the time of the incident.

She teared up on several occasions during the testimony when asked to recall specific details of the alleged assault.

The woman told the court that Comin and Pereverzoff pushed themselves onto her and forcefully penetrated her. She said in court that she recalls experiencing pain during the encounter.

“I asked them five or six times if they would let me go,” she said.

She explained that the men did not release her and instead called her names.

The Dupas brothers also allegedly had sex with the woman, and “manhandled” her while together. She stated that when she asked the brothers to stop assaulting her they “kept having sex with me and laughed.”

During Monday’s proceedings, Crown called the doctor who conducted a sexual assault exam on the woman following the alleged incident.

She said bruising on the woman’s neck and breasts were consistent with the woman’s testimony of “rough handling”. While performing a pelvic exam the doctor noticed fresh bruising and blood in her vagina.

The four men were arrested during the summer of 2020. The trial is scheduled to continue next week.

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