Kelowna cop won’t face charges after serious Rutland accident

Kelowna cop won’t face charges after serious Rutland accident

A police officer turned on their lights when they noticed a car driving faster than the speed limit

A Kelowna RCMP officer will not face criminal charges after the Independent Investigations of BC cleared the cop of any wrongdoing after a serious car crash.

Four people were injured in a car accident, June 20, 2018, when a vehicle, which was speeding down Highway 33, collided with a cement barrier. Three occupants were ejected from the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle died.

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According to the IIO’s report, the police officer was passed by the speeding car in the opposite lane going over 80 km/hr. The officer activated his lights and made a u-turn, following the vehicle at a short distance away.

It reported the car went back and forth across Hwy 33 before colliding with a concrete fence, causing the car to spin. People and debris were thrown from the vehicle.

The officer parked his car across the street, to “protect the scene” and check on the car’s occupants, according to the report.

The investigation’s office ruled the cop was in accordance with the Emergency Vehicle Regulation and that his actions were “reasonable and appropriate.”


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