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Kelowna family support program receives $150k donation

MNP Canada, Kelowna partners create fund through Central Okanagan Foundation
MNP Canada Kelowna partners present cheque to Central Okanagan Foundation and KCR Community Resources in support Family Hub Program. (Photo/Gary Barnes)

A $150,000 gift will benefit the Central Okanagan Foundation (COF) and KCR Community Resources’ Family Hub program.

The generous donation comes from the Kelowna partners of MNP Canada, and will be provided to Family Hub at $50,000 a year over three years. The presentation was made at the Family Hub at Pearson Elementary School on June 7.

“We’re really proud to be a part of this for the next three years,” said Trina Warren, regional managing partner at MNP. “We will support you in any way we can, not just financially but through volunteer efforts. I think we have a fantastic team locally and everyone is really excited to get on board.”

The COF has also played a key role in the development of the Family Hub as one of the founding partners.

“On behalf of COF, thank you so much for giving us that privilege of managing your fund to make sure the work you want to see done in the community is accomplished,” said Judy Neiser, chief executive officer.

Laura Thurnheer, KCR board president, noted that the Family Hub is one of the jewels of the Okanagan.

“We’re very excited you picked the Hub,” added Thurnheer. “The Hub is more than an activity centre, it’s actually a huge source of what I call information for families. Something the size of this $50,000 over three years is really important to the work that everyone does here to keep the doors open.”

Parents and children enjoy playtime at the Family Hub at Pearson Elementary School. (Photo/Gary Barnes)
Parents and children enjoy playtime at the Family Hub at Pearson Elementary School. (Photo/Gary Barnes)

The Family Hub has been a resource and more to Sarae Colmenero. She moved to Kelowna from Mexico last July with her husband and three children and discovered the Hub in February of this year.

“I thought this place was only for playtime,” said Colmenero. “In reality, the Family Hub has a lot of programs to help families. I’ve met other moms and have made new friends. It’s a family.

Comenero said that was especially important as her family did not know anyone when they came to Kelowna. Hub staff also put her in touch with English speakers so she could practice speaking and writing.

She added everyone needs to know about the Family Hub.

“I would say to moms, or fathers, if you need help come to Family Hub. Even if you don’t have children, no worries, but maybe you need help with another resource. I’m sure Family Hub can help you.”

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