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Kelowna man charged for threatening to release naked video of daughter

Kelowna man charged with extortion will get the final verdict on Monday
The accused father walking into the Kelowna Courthouse (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

A Kelowna man is facing charges of extortion for allegedly threatening to post sexual videos of his teen step-daughter.

He was in a Kelowna Supreme court on Friday (Jan. 28), for one count of extortion and one count of secretly observing or recording nudity in a private place.

The daughter, in grade 12 at the time, claims that he forced her to undress and expose her genitals to him.

The accused, who represented himself in court, stated that he did not film his daughter naked or force her to undress. He does admit to threatening to post a video that he said pictured her naked, but actually didn’t, as a way of getting her to obey the house rules.

On March 22, 2019, the accused asked his daughter to come home so that they could speak about her poor behaviour.

Both the daughter and the accused agree that this is when a threat was made.

At that time the accused quickly showed his daughter a video of a naked young woman and told her that was of her. He then threatened to post the video to pornographic websites with her name and personal information if she does not start to obey his rules. The accused says that this was simply a threat and that he did not actually have a naked video of his daughter.

The step-daughter said that she believes the video is of her.

The accused says that he is by nature overprotective and was trying to stop her from misbehaving. He gave examples of the bad behaviour saying that one day her odometer was 14km higher than it should have been after being at school one day. He also said that he “hates” his daughter’s boyfriend because he is too polite and pleasant, which leads the accused to believe that the boyfriend is “fake”. He then claimed that the accusations made against him are potentially a plot against him, organized by the boyfriend and the step-daughter.

The final verdict will be given on Monday, Jan. 31 at 1:30 p.m. and an updated report will be made available at that time.

The names of the parties involved have been redacted due to a publication ban to protect the victim.

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