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Kelowna RCMP confirm no charges following theft of pet shop python

Milkshake was brought back four days after being taken

Update 2:40 p.m.

Kelowna RCMP community youth safety officer Const. Fed Angulo was happy to see Milkshake returned to her home at Purple Seahorse Pet Store.

The $800 banana python was taken on April 13 from her enclosure by a group of teens.

Store owner Kai Heinrich originially took to social media about the theft before police got involved. He asked the group of youth to return the snake, say sorry, and move on.

“One of the things the owner wanted to ensure is if the youth were remorseful,” said Const. Angulo. “In my dealings with the youth, I could confirm they were indeed remorseful for their actions and did regret causing the incident.”

Criminal charges are not being pursued.

Milkshake is back in her enclosure at the store and remains in good health.

Original 1:30 p.m.

After several stressful days, Milkshake the snake is back home after being stolen from her enclosure.

Milkshake, a banana ball python, is a resident of the popular pet shop the Purple Seahorse in Rutland. She was reportedly taken from her enclosure on April 13, by a group of teens who allegedly shoved her into a backpack, said shop owner Kai Heinrich.

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From the moment Heinrich noticed Milkshake was missing, to her return to his arms, he says his top priority was ensuring his snake was safe.

Heinrich hatched Milkshake from an egg and has been taking care of her ever since. All of the animals in his care, including Milkshake are considered family and Heinrich works every day to ensure they are well cared for.

Heinrich would like to thank the community and the RCMP for their support in helping him to find Milkshake.

The details surrounding Milkshake’s abduction and return are being kept confidential for now to protect the identity of the minors who were involved.

After realizing Milkshake was missing, Heinrich checked the store’s security footage to confirm his hypothesis: that Milkshake had been stolen.

He said that since it was a group of teens that nabbed the ball python, he wanted to give them an opportunity to come forward “and do the right thing,” before involving law enforcement.

On April 13, Heinrich posted on Facebook, explaining the alleged abduction and pleaded for help.

“Because of everyone’s texts, phone calls and whatever else, I was able to identify one of the people who was involved,” said Heinrich.

After this, he was able to identity the others involved and their actions after leaving the Purple Seahorse.

He is currently working with law enforcement and the families of the teens involved.

Heinrich said his top priority is the safety of his animals and would like to thank the community for helping him get Milkshake home.