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Kelowna Votes 2022: Mohini Singh

Black Press Media is asking municipal election candidates their thoughts on various community issues
Mohini Singh is running for a seat on Kelowna council. (Photo/Michael Hintringer)

Black Press Media is reaching out to all candidates running for Kelowna council in the 2022 municipal election, asking for their response to three specific issues about the community, as well as a fun question. Responses will be published in the order they are received.

Mohini Singh - Incumbent councillor

If elected, how do you think council should manage growth and development in Kelowna?


One way to control development is through zoning. The growth and development have to be carefully managed with transportation needs and options. As well with growth housing demands vary so we have to ensure we have a variety of housing available, from single-family units to multi-family developments. The developments also have to be balanced with available green space, play areas, shopping availability, and basic everyday requirements so residents are not driving far to meet their daily needs.

In 2021, Kelowna had the second highest property rate crime in the country, what should city council do to help address street and property crime in the city?


One of the ways we can try and control crime is by ensuring our bylaw officers and beat police officers are visible and walk the streets making their presence felt. It gives the public a sense of safety and potential criminals will know they are being watched. As well by patrolling the streets officers will hear of problems from people on the ground, such as what areas are being targeted, where are the stolen goods being sold, and where the criminals are coming from. It also helps connect the dots and provides intelligence other investigators need.

In your view, what is council’s responsibility in assisting those experiencing homelessness, and providing affordable housing for Kelowna residents?


This is truly a provincial/federal issue. But we have a moral obligation to help support our vulnerable population. It is impossible for the city’s taxpayers to foot the bill for our homeless population so it is very important that the city continues to lobby the provincial and federal governments to help with supports, housing, food for the homeless and as well come up with housing programs for affordable housing opportunities. The city can also work with developers to offer variances in exchange for affordable housing units and other necessary amenities for the public.

Who is your favourite Okanagan celebrity and why?


I don’t know…….sorry!

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