Green candidate Robert Mellalieu.

Green candidate Robert Mellalieu.

Local Election issues: Green’s Robert Mellalieu

Kelowna West Green party candidate tackling invasive mussel prevention and forestry in Kelowna West

Kelowna West Green party candidate Robert Mellalieu is focusing on forestry and invasive species for this election.

Mellalieu said his solution to combat quagga and zebra mussels would be to stop boat transportation temporarily and consult experts.

“If we get those mussels in our lake the economic impact is insane. That’s a major part of our tourism industry is gone… the lake is dead,” he said. “I mean, having one dog is nice but there are so many roads into this province, it’s pretty ineffective,” adding he is aware the stopping of boats would be an unpopular decision.

Forestry is a large part of the Kelowna West riding, having three sawmills in West Kelowna, so he aims to develop a policy with the party to ensure jobs are sustained and the environment is protected.

“We have not looked after grazing areas for sheep and caribou,” he said. “Without meadows, deer and those types of populations can’t flourish.”

Mellalieu’s solution would be to make designated areas to ensure grazing animals have enough food.

“For example, we have an area in West Kelowna called Goat’s Peak, I haven’t seen a goat there in years.”

The policy would integrate different factors, said Mellalieu, adding the party aims to create long-term solutions.

“We need to figure out a way for the forestr industry to stay stable, with good jobs and we need growth and we need to ensure we don’t kill off the wildlife in the process.”

Mellalieu was born in Chemainus and grew up in Duncan. In the 80’s he moved to Alberta to pursue an education in the high-tech world of computers. After completing his education, Rob accepted a position with ADP to head up the Central Canada Office in Winnipeg.

He has also instructed computer classes at Okanagan College and UBC.”

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