Kathy Michaels Good ‘n’ Plenty farms is the focus of this week’s Meet Your Farmer. For video feature go to kelownacapnews.com/video

Meet Your Farmer: Meet the folks at Good n Plenty farms

A little bit of everything can be found at this local farm

Okanagan residents are lucky to have an abundance of easily accessible, locally grown food.

While some of us get the privilege of getting to know the men and women who produce that food, not everyone has that same access.

So the Capital News is going to bring these farmers to you, letting you see who’s growing your food.

Our most recent installment of Meet Your Farmer is Good ’n’ Plenty produce out of Armstrong, a staple at the markets across the valley.

They have a little of everything, as Jamie Seminutin pointed out between handing out bags of produce to hungry market-goers.

The season starts off with asparagus, which he said is the best and the freshest asparagus you’ll find in the valley.

Good ’n’ Plenty has been going for 25 years. To learn a bit more about them check out a video feature on our web site kelownacapnews.com/video